Here is a brief description of what to expect at a weekend service: 



Come as you are. We don’t want church to cause you to feel like you need to pretend to be someone that you are not, so we encourage people to wear what you are comfortable in – for some that means jeans and for others that means a tie. It really doesn’t matter to us. 


We have an environment that provides opportunity to connect with others. You are welcome to visit our cafe and enjoy a free hot beverage. Feel free to hang out before and after services and get to know someone. 


We are all growing in our relationship with God. Wherever you are at on your journey with God, you will be accepted and encouraged. 


Our aim is to teach God’s Word in a way that it can be applied to your everyday life. 


We embrace diversity. We are a group made up of all different backgrounds, families, races, and ages. 


We pursue God’s presence in our services.  Our quest is to be a place where God’s Spirit will have freedom to demonstrate God’s love and power. We also aim to teach the authority of God’s Word and how it causes us to have victory in our lives.