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All single moms and their kids are welcome to attend the THRIVE Christmas Party on Saturday, December 16th, from 5 to 7 pm. There will be a nice dinner, gifts, and parties for your kids in a nearby room. If you are interested, there is also a Thrive boutique with slightly used clothing for women, children and teens. The address is 25 Whitney Drive Suite 122 in Milford, Ohio. We look forward to seeing you there!

Register by emailing your name and the names of your children (and ages) to Director Denise Brooker will respond with an email once you have been registered. Please show the email (printed or on your phone) when you come to the party. THANKS – it helps us to prepare!


“No single mom walks alone.”

There are 15 millions single moms raising 22 million children in the USA, and every story is unique. Thrive works to network single moms so moms are not on this journey alone.

About Us

Thrive is a faith-based group. Thrive is a group out of Freedom House Church and looks to partner with other churches to develop small groups around the city. Thrive also partners with for relationship, resources, and advice.

We provide access to childcare and food to make coming to the meetings more convenient for the moms. We also have Connection Cards where we follow up with more information and invitations to other events.

There is a Cause

Many of our moms have an education, are on a career path, and have a support system with family and friends. Many of the single moms we connect with do not. Thrive provides a connection for single moms to support one another.

Many single moms are struggling emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Some of our moms have been through physical and sexual abuse. Some of our moms do not have an education or a good job. Some are without an education. When a single mom is in need, the children are also in need.

Statistics have shown that children of single parent homes are more likely to experience violence, commit suicide, continue a cycle of poverty, become drug dependent, or commit a crime. In fact, 78% of prison inmates come from a single parent home.

Thrive wants to help single moms and their children. First, like all of us, we recognize the need to meet a spiritual need. We want to see single moms and their children have a relationship with Jesus Christ. We welcome single moms to attend Freedom House Church; however, we also have good friendships with area pastors and other life-giving churches that we recommend.

Second, Thrive works to connect single moms through gathering moms, volunteers, and contributors together for events, small groups, workshops and more.

Third, Thrive works with the community to connect single moms with available resources in Greater Cincinnati.

How You Can Help

  1.  Pray. We don’t pretend to do anything a part from God because without Him, we can do nothing.
  2. Connect. Become part of the “Thrive Dream Team” by hosting a small group in your community or church and participating in large events.
  3. Partner. Become a “Thrive Partner” and financially support Thrive on a monthly basis. Giving consistently to Thrive is simple when you set up a reoccuring payment through our website and Paypal. To give, visit
  4. Give. Give a one time monetary gift.
  5. Donate. Donate items such as a car, appliances, or new or gently worn clothing for women and children.
  6. Volunteer. We have several large events and small group gatherings where you can join the team and serve.
  7. Children’s Ministry. From the very start we realized that our ministry was just as vital to the children of the single moms that it was to the moms themselves. Our aim is not only to provide child care at our events, but also to minister to the children and youth of single mothers.

Benefits of Thrive

  1. Build Relationships. Thrive creates environments where healthy friendships can form and grow.
  1. Exchange Resources. Thrive provides a way to exchange ideas, business leads, clothing, and other resources for education, job placement, community assistance, and more.
  1. Share Information. Thrive shares practical tips for living as a single mom
  1. Minister Wholeness. To minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of single moms


  1. Small Groups
  • Time and opportunity made for moms to get to know each other.
  • Information on parenting, money management, nutrition, spiritual growth, building healthy relationships, and more.
  • Speakers that share testimonies, information, and encouragement
  1. Large Events

Several times we year, we will gather groups together for special events such as a Christmas banquet, back-to-school parties, spa days, and one-day seminars. Included in our large events are the Resource Table where we share materials from organizations that help moms. We also have a Share-What-You-Wear Table as a clothing exchange for women and children.

  1. Community Days

We plan to do service days for single moms such as free oil changes, free hair cuts, mommy’s day-out, etc.

  1. Annual Conference

The Life of a Single Mom has an annual conference in Baton Rouge.

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