Freedom House Church Missions
The vision of Freedom House Church is a global one. We want to be part of God’s heart to reach the people Christ came to redeem. Through FHC, people are given opportunities to give or go.

Missionary Partners
Freedom House Church has several missionaries that we regularly support in prayer, relationship and giving. 

Mission Sundays
Services on the last weekend of the month we share what we are doing as Kingdom Builders. The purpose for Kingdom Builders weekend is to communicate how God is working through Freedom House Church locally, nationally and internationally.

Mission Trips
Freedom House Church offers mission trips for members of our church to go on a short-term mission trip. The purpose of mission trips are to support our missionaries with hands-on serving. It also helps our church make a personal connection with the missionaries we support. It also is an opportunity for someone considering becoming a missionary to gain some experience in another country.

Missionary Giving
We encourage people to give to missionaries. They are welcome to give to missionaries directly, or they are able to give through Freedom House Church.