Thank you for your interest in getting connected at Freedom House. The following are three steps we suggest you take to get to know our leaders, our beliefs, and our ministries. We look forward to getting to know you as well, and we hope that you decide to become a part of our fellowship. 


1.     Attend a newcomers’ reception

Our receptions are a relaxed atmosphere where you can be introduced to some of our leaders and meet other newcomers. 


2.     Go through Plug-In 101

Plug-In 101 has four sessions where we tell the story of how we began, share our heart for ministry, and talk about the purpose of a local church. Afterwards we get into small groups to answer questions and have discussion. 


3.     Join a Life Group 

Life Groups are small groups that meet at various times and locations around the city. Life Groups are a great way to build relationships with one another.