New to Freedom House? FH Steps is the Growth Track at Freedom House.  We encourage everyone from new believers to mature believers to go through FH Steps. FH Steps will introduce the church and share basic teaching that is beneficial for us all.

FH Step 1
FH Step 1 is a 4-week class to introduce the church. This class is a great way to learn what Freedom House is all about. There are no strings attached – you are not committing to make Freedom House Church your home by attending this class. We ask everyone go through this class so you know our vision, mission, values, and ministries. We also discuss how Freedom House is set up as a church, who are leaders are, and what accountability our pastor has.

FH Step 2
FH Step 2 is a 10-week class to teach the basics of what we believe and the values we embrace. We encourage everyone to go through this class for the teaching and the fellowship. It is a class that is fundamental for a new believer. We also believe it is important that each person knows the major points of our shared faith.

FH Step 3
FH Step 3 is a 10-week class that goes a little deeper in teaching on our beliefs. We ask everyone that calls Freedom House Church their home church go through this class to strengthen in faith and be grounded in the Word of God. We also find the connections and relationship building is extremely valuable.